We want the world to see cannabis extracts in a new light. It doesn’t have to bee a drab laboratory product anymore. Jollybee and its employees are truly a reflection of each other. We are fun loving, hard working, and passionate cannabis entrepreneurs. Our company was established to serve those, like us, in need of a real solution. Our staff’s diverse history of work coupled with their many years of extensive involvement in the cannabis community has granted them a unique ability to create. A former tattoo shop owner, a former nursery owner, an engineer, and visual arts major are just some of the rich job histories. In addition to our unrelenting professional lab staff, Jollybee has a family that can't bee beat.

That Buzz You Hear Is Us!

That buzz you hear is us. A new way to enjoy your favorite extracts will soon bee arriving. Jollybee is the first ever “Hand Crafted” extract brought to collectives. Jollybee is redefining how oil enthusiasts will see, share, and consume their extracts. Oil doesn’t have to bee boring anymore. Extracts are here, and they’re hot. But why a gloopy mess? If extracts are something to bee treasured, why doesn’t the love and effort reflect in its image? Jollybee is made for oil enthusiasts by oil enthusiasts. We love creating our extracts and we make sure it shows. Its all right in the name. Jollybees are fun and creative.


It starts with a superior, local product. Sourced from local farms, Jollybee’s cannabis undergoes exceptional scrutiny and consideration beefore it can earn its wings. Jollybee’s extraction takes place within a modern laboratory, by experienced professionals bent on preserving safe laboratory practices and producing nothing, but the finest extracts. Once the oil has been refined and tested, the real fun beegins. Batches are hand crafted into .5 gram Jollybees. Each bee is a testament to the care and passion Jollybee employees have for their product and for fellow extract enthusiasts. Bees are laden with great detail and stand up to the tests of rock hard quality. If your current oil doesn’t create enough buzz for you, its time for a Jollybee.

Simply put, why not a honeybee? It takes a big team of likeminded individuals to create a presence like Jollybee. Although our core staff may be small, our hive consists of many exceptional farmers producing nothing, but the finest cannabis for our bees. Together, we’re all striving bring you a memorable and top notch product. Beecause we’re proud, beecause we’re you, beecause we care.



Chem Dog


Raspberry Kush


Grand Daddy Purple


Orange Cherry Soda


Blue Dream

Julia Amanda


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